What our client have to say

Our clients are really your pets, but we keep their owners happy too! Here are a few words from our human customers.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service.
Terry Elmira

“Cool, this really helps me a lot. I am thrilled to be part of this programme. I have received my food on Monday after chatting to you on Thursday or Friday. Thank you for making my life easier.”
Cheryl Wilson

“Thank you so much received our delivery yesterday. Really appreciate it.”
Kelly Gray

“Thank you for your help and advice with changing my dogs over onto the JOCK dog food, my one Bull Terriers skin allergies have cleared up, she is no longer scratching.”
Michelle Lourens

“I have been extremely pleased with the service offered by MyPet and the various staff. They have gained my trust, and I can rely on them completely! Its totally hassle-free with no additional costs!”
Lloyd Bentz

“Thank you for the wonderful service and prompt delivery you guys offer. You have saved me from the “dog-box” on many occasions!”
Jeff Watson

“The MyPet Programme is a wonderful initiative that has proven to be beneficial for our German Shepherd/ Chow. Switching our dog to the better food JOCK has eliminated his allergies and has also helped him to lose the extra weight he was carrying. He has a much higher energy level and now we can keep up with Scamp! I’m so impressed with the immediate service and valuable information the MyPet Programme has provided for us.”
Claire Roberts (Vitamin Health Agency KZN)

“What a cool beans service from MyPet. I love the prompt, hassle-free service and very friendly staff and my 3 kitties just love the SuperCoat!! It is an absolute pleasure to be dealing with MyPet. And thanks for getting me out of the ‘cat-box’.”
Kathy Meldrum

“Thanks to the my pet programme is the best thing ever.”
Latasha Singh

“Wallace, my Spaniel, never finished a bowl of pellets in his life. Since being on Ultra Dog, his bowl is finished in minutes and his body condition has improved – he looks even more handsome than ever! Thank you MyPet!”
Mrs. Patsy Summerscales

“Thanks so much, my heart is very sore, especially so soon after losing my beautiful Bella, but at least she isn’t suffering. I also have news for you, that we are moving to JHB L I promise to keep in touch via FB and mail though. Thank you for an excellent service and such kindness above and beyond that of a mere supplier.”
Love Lisa