Frequently asked questions


What brands do you supply?

We supply all the top quality brands that you will find in vet shops as well as the more popular independent manufacturers who supply quality food.

Do you charge more for your food than conventional retailers do?

No we stick to the recommended retail price of the supplier so our prices will be the same or sometimes cheaper than you will find elsewhere.

Can you deliver prescription food?

Yes if you have a prescription food that has been prescribed we can supply it.

Is it important to feed age specific food to my pet?

Especially puppies and kittens, but also older pets will benefit significantly by getting the correct balance of nutrients and supplements for their age.

Are there any “human” foods that are bad for pets to eat?

Yes, there are certain foods that are poisonous to dogs. They should not eat chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes or raisins. Also avoid raw fish, canned tuna and bones. Pet foods have been formulated and balanced to cater specifically for your pet so stick to those only.