MyPet Companions are our ‘business buddies’ – like-minded organizations offering discounted pet-care services. Basically, we’re a community of pet-carers that are working together to make things easier for you – the pet owner.

MyPet members enjoy immediate loyalty points with MyPet Companions in the form of ‘PetBucks’. These can be used to pay for food, accessories and other pet-care related expenses, depending on the service or product. The table below shows some of our partners to date and the great deals they are offering. We can vouch for all of our Companions. It’s a growing community that we’re proud to be a part of.




Ralun logo

Ralun is currently owned and run by the Badham Family since 1990. We believe we have upheld those original core values and over the past years earned a reputation as one of the best kennels in the country. We at Ralun are passionate about what we do for your pet. We continually strive to give you and your pet unrivalled complete pet services in a loving, safe, environment away from home.

Address: 9 View Road, Off Fields Hill, Kloof , Kwazulu-Natal, 3610
Telephone: 031 701 4874

Kennelling      = 150 Petbucks
Grooming       = 100 Petbucks
Dog Training  = 100 Petbucks
(per R100 spend)


Pets Soft Logo

Pets en Transit are a pet transportation company in Johannesburg, South Africa with a branch in Durban as well.
Have been in existence for many years. We relocate pets worldwide as well as domestically. We understand your concerns when relocating your cherised furry family members. We are entirely dedicated to making this process easy, hassle-free and above all else, comfortable for your precious cargo.

Address: 9 View Road, Off Fields Hill, Kloof , Kwazulu-Natal, 3610
Telephone: 0861 738 247



Wags n Tails professional grooming parlour for dogs and cats has specialised facilities for bathing, grooming and clipping of your pets. A team of 3 professional clippers is competent in all breeds.

A designated area provides for warm water baths. A mild shampoo is used to clean, revitalise and eradicate unwanted fleas! Specialised, medicated baths and dips are available on request for various skin conditions and infestations.

Specialised, high powered driers are used to dry and groom out all types of coats. Groomers are well trained and very patient especially when it comes to long-haired large breed dogs.

The parlour specialists cater for all breed cuts including all offs, puppy, trim and tip cuts. Breed specific include lamb, poodle, scottie, bouvier, spaniel, and OES dogs to name a few.